help with psy class

Your discussion of the article should address the following:

oThe main purpose or thesis of the article.

oThe three or four central or most important points made in the article.

You need to avoid detailed article summary here—we have all read the article. If your article describes empirical

research, be sure to describe briefly what the researchers did (method) and found (results).

One connection to material external to the article, such as a current news event, a film, a book, etc.

The strengths and weaknesses of the article.

oPoints or concepts in the article that are difficult to understand.Don’t simply identify these

difficult points—also lead a discussion that clarifies them.

Note that it is not acceptable to say that the article was perfectly clear and that no points/concepts needed clarification.

If you need clarification on any of these points, be sure to come see me before your presentation.

o What insights can be gained (or conclusions drawn) from the article.

o Interesting questions that you generate based on the article content. As

discussion leaders, you should come prepared with at least two interesting discussion questions on

your article per discussion leader in your group

please use the instructions carefully and do what i asked for . werite questions so i can ask the whole class

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