I need an essay written by Thursday 4/19 in the following format with the following information.

Reports should be 2-3 pages typed, double spaced, and include the following sections (and
answers to each question) in your own words (DO NOT QUOTE):
a. Hypotheses: What was the hypothesis being tested by the experiment?
b. Participants: Who were the participants or subjects in the experiment? (You can find this
information in the Methods section of the paper).
c. Results: What did the experiment find? (You can find this information in the Discussion
section of the paper).
d. Methods: Based on the methods section of the paper, write a first person description,
pretending that you are a participant in the study. In other words, based on what the methods
section told you participants did in the experiment, write a description of what it would be
like to be in the experiment from the perspective of a participant. For example, if the
methods say “First, all participants filled out a questionnaire assessing their attitudes about
golf,” you would write: “The first thing I did in the experiment was to fill out a
questionnaire assessing my attitudes about golf.” Describe the entire method section in this
e. Conclusions: What did the authors conclude from the study? What new knowledge did the
field of developmental psychology gain from the study?
f. Reaction: Now that you understand the study, what do you think about the study? (Answer
at least one of the following: Were there any problems with the study’s methods or
conclusions? What study should be done to follow up on this study? What would you have
wanted the authors to do differently/better in the study?)

Parent praise to toddlers predicts fourth grade academic achievement via children’s incremental mindsets.


Thank you

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