Process Recording for a Social Work Counseling Session

This assignment
is called a process recording. It is a summary of a make-believe counseling
session at an outpatient counseling center. Attached is a sample (please do not repeat) of what a
completed assignment looks like.

Based on the new
session notes attached (required for this assignment), a made-up dialogue needs to be written between the
counselor and the client about the session discussion. The point is to
demonstrate clinical skills as a counselor. It just needs three impactful
snippets of the session such as the beginning, middle, and end. The object is
not to write out the whole conversation. Rather, to prove that the counselor
can facilitate an effective session by highlighting important parts of the

The counseling
approach being used is called Solution-Focused Therapy. Please include at least
two US.-based cited references for solution-focused therapy. Key skills for
this approach include, for example:



(i.e., engaging in organic dialogue)

Empathy (e.g.,
focused curiosity, repeating what I thought I heard)

Active Listening
(e.g., paying attention with eye contact, using engaged head nods)

Questioning (i.e., asking questions that don’t have yes or no answers)

Please let me know if you have any questions before completing this assignment. The sample is a only a guide, the required new session notes are attached, the template to use for the assignment is included.

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