3 Page Narrative Essay

you will compose a narrative essay based on your reading of Zeitoun and outside research. The

essay should be typed, not handwritten. It should also follow MLA guidelines. (60%)

Select a Hurricane Katrina­related topic from the list below, or research another topic. If researching

another topic, ask one of us for approval of your topic prior to beginning:

a. Danzinger Bridge Incident

b. Ninth Ward levee breaches

c. Looting of local businesses

d. The Superdome used as a shelter

e. Gretna City controversy

f. Evacuation

Research that particular incident through newspaper articles, online reports, etc. From your research and

knowledge of post­Katrina events, create a narrative told by someone who experienced that situation. This

could be the point of view of any of those involved with each situation. Be creative when deciding on the

point of view. The narrative should be a fictionalized account of what a person in that specific instance

would have experienced as specified from your research.

Please see back for further guidelines

“Literary texts studied in the high school classroom are complex, higher­level texts which may contain mature content and themes.

‘Mature content’ may include, but is not limited to, pervasive strong language, disturbing violence and behavior, sexual acts, drug/alcohol

use or references, controversial content, or culturally diverse themes. These books are selected based on their literary merit and will be

studied through their historical and cultural context. Our instructional purpose is to expose students to perspectives unlike or in

opposition to their own in order to analyze complex themes and to promote individual reflection and academic growth.” GCS Policy

Other guidelines for narrative (assignment 3):

1. The narrative should be 3­5 pages in length. Points will be deducted for being above or below the requirements. You are to

use only 12 pt, Times New Roman font. The line spacing for your essay should be double­spaced. The pages should have 1”

margins on the top, bottom, left, and right. There should not be any extra space between paragraphs. Tab once to indent each

paragraph. On the first page of your essay, list your name, the course and the date. Center­align the title of your narrative. The

title should also be in 12 point font, Times New Roman and should NOT be bolded or underlined. Your paper should have a

heading as well, following MLA guidelines (see point 6 for further instructions). Also you can view the following tutorial

video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xAc4yZ8VSA

2. Your narrative should have a clear exposition (introduction of characters and setting), middle (with conflict, rising action,

climax and falling action), and end (resolution of conflict).

3. Your narrative should include dialogue between characters. For full credit, you are to include multiple instances of more than

3 exchanges of dialogue between characters. Some examples of dialogue can be found on page 276, 282, or 86 of Zeitoun.

Below is an example of three exchanges properly formatted:

we say if we were planning summer work?”

One day after school, Ms. Honaker and Mr. Weaver were planning the summer work. Mr. Weaver said, “what would

“What? I’m confused,” said Ms. Honaker.

“Nevermind, I think I’ve figured it out.”

“You’re so weird sometimes.”

4. You are to include citation from the research in your narrative. This research is to be included within your narrative. Your

narrative should be based on actual facts that you find during your research, not just what you think you know about the

subject. Where ever you have used information or specific inspiration from a source, you must include a parenthetical citation

that is correctly cited. See suggested MLA guides for what a parenthetical citation is.

5. You must include a separate works cited page for all sources that you review, use as inspiration, or include in your essay (see

point 6 for further instructions on citation). The works cited is a separate page at the end of the narrative essay.

6. This entire essay should follow all MLA guidelines for format and citation. MLA guidelines may be found at:https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/ .

Read the website, review the examples of paper formatting, formatting quotations, and works cited pages. There is also an example of the first page, subsequent pages, and a works cited page on the next page. Copy and pasting a URL, or web address, will not suffice as a citation.

Make sure that all work is your own, and others’ work is cited properly. Please remember the GCS policy

regarding plagiarism: Copying the language, structure, idea and/or thought of another and representing it as one’s own work results in a zero on the assignment and disciplinary action.

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