Leadership In IT

  • Evaluate effective leadership theories and strategies for information technology decision-making in real-world situations.


Mike is newly assigned project manager responsible for the
implementation of a new online banking system that improves security and
automates many functions normally performed by bank-tellers. Mike is
new to the project management field and has limited management
experience. During Mike’s first in-person meeting with the Bank’s
leadership board the following business objectives were provided:

1. Get acclimated with your new team.

2. Determine who would be best suited for each of the following
positions; assistant project manager, communications lead, and finance

Mike has never met his new team members but has learned from reviewing their previous performance appraisals that they each bring different experience to the team.

Sally: Highly experienced Information Technology specialist for over
15 years. Sally has worked on several previous projects and is known as a
self-starter. She is motivated by achievement, advancement, and

Joe: Known as an extremely technical engineer that has also made some
careless decisions. While Joe is very proficient at his job, he can be
difficult to manage and does not do well in a team dynamic. He has
recently submitted work after the assigned completion date, and seems to be losing motivation.

Kevin: Very little experience but eager to learn. Kevin wants to please his boss and team mates.
He is not confident and spends a lot of time seeking approval. He has a
high need for affiliation and feeling connected to his peers.


Because Mike is inexperienced, the board’s leadership has asked him
to create a strategy in regards to how he will integrate himself and
provide leadership to a newly formed team.

  • Create a detailed written recommendation explaining the approach that Mike should take to orient himself with his new team.
  • -What should Mike do prior to his first meeting with the team?
  • -What would be discussed during the first meeting?
  • Explain which team member you would choose for each position
    (assistant project manager, communications lead, and finance lead) on
    the team and explain why.
  • What leadership style might work best for Mike to lead each team
    member? What motivational theory would work the best to motivate each
    individual? List two ways you would motivate each individual.
  • The report must be written using Microsoft Word. The body of the
    recommendation must be 2-3 pages not including the title and reference

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