Exam 2 Essay Question

I need this question answered with the specific points asked in the instructions NO PLAGARISM. 


The essay on the Exam 2 is: 

This question is divided into three parts (1 – 3). Each part will count for 1/3 of the points awareded for this question. (1) For Asians, Hispanics, and blacks describe levels of SECONDARY STRUCTURAL assimilation using SPECIFIC MEASURES supplied in the lectures and in the textbook. You may choose whether to talk about Asians, Hispanics, or blacks, or any combination of these three groups (including the nationality groups within each of these three categories). (2) Also, from the lectures and from the textbook (not from your own knowledge), identify historical and structural factors that have either helped or hindered secondary structural assimilation. Fully elaborate the effect of each of these factors on each of the ethnic or racial groups that YOU have CHOSEN to discuss. Extra points will be given for explaining precisely HOW these structural factors affect access to economic assets, including cultural and physical capital (be sure to define “economic assets” and “cultural” and “physical” capital). (3) Finally, explain how differences in secondary structural assimilation contribute to the SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION of race. Again, be specific. Give up to 48 facts in essay form (no introduction or conclusion required). 


video lecture on essay^^

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