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I need two discussion replies – 150 words each


Use the internet to find another song that uses a Moog synth (you may also pick a track that uses a different kind of synth, but you must find out what kind of synth it is).  Post a YouTube link in the class discussion board and indicate the time when the synth enters the mix.  Breifly discuss what the timbre of the synth adds to the sound i.e. what effect does this have for the listener?

To give you some more familiarity with the Moog synth sound here is an online demo moog synth, which allows you manipulate the timbre of the sound.  You can play notes by using the top letter and number row of your computer keyboard. 

Online Moog:

Spend a minimum of 10 minutes trying to get a few different sounds out of this instrument.  There is a document with the “manual” and some background, which you may open and use as a reference as you experiment with it.  Talk briefly about your experience with the online synth.  Remember that if you get stuck or can’t “fix” the sound, just hit refresh on your browser to reset.


If you are having trouble or wish to go deeper into this experience here is a video tutorial.

Online Moog Tutorial:

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