Survey Assignment: Data Collection



Topic: Food Security



Prompt: Createa survey that contains least five questions that may be employed in your research. The survey must be specific to your publichealth issue and research question.Construct at least one question that uses aLikert Scale for the response.




Be sure to include:




 Your public health issue


 The research question


 The type of survey (phone, web, person-to-person)


 Who will administer it


 A statement regarding what measures you will take for those who cannot read, are

blind, or cannot read or speak the language (used for the survey)




Ensure that all close-ended questions have response categories.



Guidelines for Submission: You may create your survey using either an online tool or within a Word document. If you create it within an online tool, suchas SurveyMonkey, you must submit a Word document containing the link to the survey, as well as the description of the survey.





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