MGMT 411 Unit 4 Indvidual project


Deliverable Length: 

3-4 pages

Your boss has just come to you and told you that your company is now going in the direction of lean manufacturing so they can cut down on waste in the production process. Hearing this news, you realize you need to research lean manufacturing to determine what your company is doing. What is      lean manufacturing? Provide examples of companies using lean manufacturing      and how it benefits them. What are      the requirements for balancing JIT (just in time) and lean systems? Are any      employees affected if a company decides to switch to a lean system? If so      which ones and why? Is lean      manufacturing a push or pull system? Explain. 


Grading   Criteria

%   of grade for this assignment


Lean   manufacturing is defined with examples of companies using lean manufacturing.



The   requirements for balancing JIT (just in time) and lean systems are   discussed. 



Is lean   manufacturing a push or pull system? Explain.



Report   thesis is clearly defined and supported with substantial, relevant information.   Ideas are presented logically and precisely. Conclusion is cogent and   stimulating.



At   least three noncourse related sources are used with proper APA citation and   references



The   sentences are skillfully constructed, effective, and varied. Words used are   vivid, accurate, and original. The writing is without serious flaws in   grammar or mechanics. APA conventions are consistently followed.


Please refer to the following multimedia course materials:

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