Need in 8 hrs/Evaluating Existing Measures

 Need in 8 hours

In discussion 1, you considered how you might create an instrument for measuring a phenomenon or client issue. For this week’s Discussion 2, choose and evaluate an existing instrument to measure the concept you identified in Discussion 1. Consider how you would compare your original measurement to the existing measurement.

To Prepare: Review the following at the Walden Library on how to find existing instruments:

Post a brief explanation of the existing measurement instrument that you identified. Then, compare your original measurement approach (see below to my discussion 1) to the existing instrument. Next, explain how you would revise or replace your original measurement plan. Finally explain the advantages and/or disadvantages of using existing instruments for measurement. Please use the Learning Resources to support your answer.

Discussion 1


The client, in this case, is affected by the family conflict phenomenon and the situation is detrimental not only to his life but other family members. Therefore, to evaluate the client’s progress after the required intervention done it requires creativity because family conflict’s effects and the response is not quantifiable to measure and here creativity may assist me in getting the outcome that I intend to achieve at the end of the day. Thus, to determine the client’s progress I will check any changes that have occurred after the intervention to the situation and from this analysis, I will measure the progress if it is positive or negative (Svelby, 2001). If it is positive then the client will be in a position to absorb some of the guidelines that were administered to his during the intervention meaning that any chance of occurrence of the family conflict is reduced to zero.

However, in the case of negative it means that the situation may have escalated and constant it means that after the aid the condition is still the same. Therefore, to conceptualize this phenomenon I will make sure that the best method of measuring is selected and the objectives of carrying out the whole process are clearly indicated to all the concerned parties so that the expected result is obtained at the end of the day.

Questions with response options that would capture this phenomenon or client issue

What may have fueled the family conflict?

A.    Financial crisis

B.    Lack of respect for you and your wife

C.    Loss of family’s morals

What is the impact of the phenomenon on the family?

A.    Loss of family time

B.    Disruption of family peace and harmony

C.    Psychological disturbances to other family members

3 questions I would use to measure this phenomenon and explain how these questions operationalize the phenomenon

✓ How long have you experienced family conflict?

✓ Do you believe that you can change the situation?

✓ How determined are you to change the conditions that cause the family conflict? 

These three questions start by determining the genesis of the family conflict and the intentions that will determine the final results of the process. Therefore, the response of the client will allow us to approximate the progress before we commence the measuring process. Thus, the questions will be crucial when it comes to operationalizing the circumstance.


Reliability is the degree to rely on somebody or something because of the trust we possess about them. Reliability is gained through a process where there is the consistency of certain characteristics that may lead to the trust. Therefore, to obtain reliability of the questions created I will ask my client with respect and ensure him of the confidentiality of the content if that is his wish by doing that he may gain confidence in me

Validity is the state of being accepted either legally or officially.  For an event to be justified or valid then the results of the event should be friendly to the same population. I will ensure that the questions conform to the norms of my client and I will consider his preferences when creating these questions.

A measurement plan to assess the phenomenon

The plan we kick off after the intervention to the situation is completed.

There will be records that show the situation before the intervention, during then after so that those findings can be analyzed.

The measurement plan we analyze these findings and from there the conclusions will be made if the outcome is positive, negative or constant.

The methodology you would use to collect data using your measurement tool

I am going to use interview according to me this is the best method regarding the phenomenon in this scenario. The advantage of that is that through interviewing I will create rapport with the interviewee and they will be in a position to open up. Another merit is that it is convenient since I come up with primary data (Opdenakker, 2006). However, the setbacks are meeting with uncooperative respondent may jeopardize the whole process and some may exaggerate the information which may at the end up producing contradicting information. 


Opdenakker, R. (2006). Advantages and disadvantages of four interview techniques in qualitative research. Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung

Svelby, K.E. (2001). Methods for measuring intangible assets

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