Physical Security



You are the principle of a high school, The governor is concerned about the increase of school shootings. The governor has tasked you prepare a project / program for all schools in that state to follow. The program must be detailed which may include but not limited to physical security, policies, training and other areas that are important to provide safety of the students and staff. Write a total of 10 pages Title page, Abstract, and Reference Pages are not included in the total pages APA (Title page, Abstract, Keywords, Conclusion, References and in-text citations). With a minimum of 10 references. They must come from peer-reviewed sources only journal articles, and books are allowed (no websites). The Safe Assign Score must be under 40% for each point over you will lose one point. Safe Assign score must not match any other student in whole or in part. The work must be original, and you are not allowed to re-use any previous work if found you will not get credit. Each mistake such as improper formatting you will lose 1 point,

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