Child Safety Campaign in uae analyze in APA 3 pages signle spaced

This is the Campaign that i need you to analyze 

Child Safety Gulf News (United Arab Emirates)

Child Safety Gulf News (United Arab Emirates)

Scope of Good Practice
In the year 2011 the United Arab Emirates (UAE) saw a number of children falling to their deaths from high-rise
buildings. The incidents mainly occured because parents did not take the right precautions in ensuring their
children were safe at home and away from open balconies. Gulf News, one of the UAE’s most widely circulated
newspapers, decided to create awareness of the issue among parents through a dedicated campaign.

The Problem Addressed by the Campaign
The campaign had to be direct, powerful and hard-hitting. It had to be addressed to each and every parent of a
young child in the UAE. It had to tell each parent that it was their responsibility to ensure that their child was safe at
home, away from any open windows or balconies to avoid any accidental falls.

Background Research
More than 50 children had died across the UAE by falling from high-rise buildings — an alarmingly high figure.

Simple. Direct. Solid. Powerful. To convey to all parents that their children are precious and require the best
possible care.

Two powerful creative ideas were developed. One, a print ad, showed a Barbie doll about to fall off from an open
balcony. The copy said: “Your little doll is precious too. Ensure your child is safe at home.” The second, a radio
spot, used the nursery rhyme “Humpty Dumpty” with a chilling twist, to drive home the point of child safety at home

The print ad was showcased regularly in 2012 across Gulf News newspapers, Scene magazine and Friday
magazine. The radio spot was played across the Gulf News network of radio stations
Overall, the campaign created great recall among the Gulf News target audience, with many parents saying that
the print ad and the radio spot encouraged them to be more aware and more careful with their children’s safety at home

conclusions and Recommendations
We will continue to ensure that child safety remains an important topic for all parents in the UAE.

This assignment requires to analyze a public relations campaign and write a paper on it. 
1) Introduction and concluding remarks, 
2) Summary of the campaign,
3) Your input to the campaign. What is it you like, how could it be improved, if you were to do a similar campaign what would it be, if the case does not mention evaluation, how you measure it, what do you think about the strategy and selection of targets and tactics, etc. Talk about the FOUR PHASES in general in your paper, 
4) Each case is unique so I do not expect to see all mentioned above to be part of your paper

Three pages, Times New Roman 12 font, single space

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