Place each key term in italics within answers. Include a reference page as the final page of your final exam (see example reference page at the end of this document).

Deviating from directions and formatting rules may result in a cumulative 10% reduction in grade. 

Using the information contained in Chapter 8 (pages 182-184 specifically) discuss Sociologist Daniel Rossides’ 5 Class Model of the class system of the United States and apply this model to eith er your parents OR a friend’s parents. See below. 

Make an Introduction section introducing Daniel Rossides’ social class model and a separate section for each social class: upper class, upper-middle class, lower-middle class working class, lower class. In the introduction section, discuss the main ideas of Rossides’ social class model. In the sections for each of the five social classes, discuss and describe each social class in terms of information presented in the chapter. Also use at least one additional outside source (other than your textbook) per social class to add information and detail not contained in the textbook. Begin each section by discussing and defining the particular social class and placing any sociological terms in italics.

You may use the same outside source in some or all of your social class discussions. Make sure to use at least 3 total outside sources including your textbook.

You do not necessarily have to find specific sources dealing with Daniel Rossides’s model and associated social classes. Use any sources dealing with the particular social classes addressed. That is, when looking up sources for the ‘upper-middle class’, Google search something like “upper-middle class characteristics.” Be creative with your search terms to locate outside sources. 

Make a section termed Social Class Position Analysis. In this section discuss where your parents OR a friend’s parents (if you desire to be candid) are located in the social class system as outlined by Daniel Rossides. Tie your analysis to the information contained in the social class section to which your parents OR your friend’s parents belong. There is no limit to what you may discuss and analyze in this section. Feel free to include income (general amounts, you do not have to be specific), type of occupation(s), housing, lifestyle issues, occupational prestige (see chart page 189 or use another outside source for this), education, etc. This is your chance to be a Sociologist. Have fun with it and be creative. Make a Conclusion section briefly summarizing what you covered in the exam (about 1-3 paragraphs max).

I am expecting roughly a 5-6 page double-spaced exam (not including the reference page) using a 10 or 12 pitch standard font and 1 inch margins.

Format the exam with the following sections:

Introduction to Daniel Rossides’ 5 Social Class Model

The Upper Class

The Upper-Middle Class

The Lower-Middle Class

The Working Class

The Lower Class

Social Class Position Analysis



Be sure to properly cite all sources used in the exam, whether or not you are directly quoting. Paraphrasing must also be cited. See the announcement on the ASA Referencing Style if you are not sure. It is the first announcement under “Announcements.”*Sample reference page below. Place all cited references in format provided. Place reference page as the last page of your final exam.


Schaefer, Richard T. 2016. Sociology in Modules. 3rd edition. New York: McGraw Hill. 

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