task 817 – 2 pgs single spaced

No plagiarism or poor quality acceptable

 The essays should be approximately two pages in length, single spaced, and 12 point font. Make sure the title of your essay clearly refers to the specific question you’re addressing. In writing the essay make sure you have a clear introduction, main body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Make sure that you support all main points with specific examples. You should look at the General Guidelines for Papers to ensure that you’re writing the best essay possible.

Choose one of the following questions to answer:

-By the nineteenth century, women were expected to conform to an idealized gender role. Despite the predominate expectations, women still managed to break through these restrictions and make an impact upon American society. In what ways did women challenge the “Cult of domesticity” and act as agents of social reform throughout the nineteenth century? Were women successful in these endeavors? Why or why not?

-During the antebellum period, the North was perceived to be dynamic and progressive, while the South, by comparison, was idyllic, antiquated, and extremely patriarchal. This overbearingly patriarchal society had a strong effect on its female denizens, both the plantation mistresses and female slaves. How did the roles of southern women evolve in this period? How did the Civil War alter these roles?

-Perhaps no other movement encapsulated the challenges of women than that of the pursuit of female suffrage. Account for the rise of the suffrage movement in the nineteenth century. How did the movement evolve throughout this period? How did women eventually achieve the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment?
Number of Pages: 2 Pages
Page Line Spacing: Single spaced
Academic Level: College
Paper Format: MLA 

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