Step 1. Make a connection between your career field and the visual arts**.  Write & post your thesis statement sentence= (visual arts + career field + connection)  and visual artist born after 1900 within Graded Lesson 1 IDE Discussion Board.

[How can or has aspects of the visual arts been used in your chosen career?  or What does your career field and the visual arts have in common?, or how your career field has contributed to the visual arts, or how a similarity exists between the two.   AND identify at least one visual artist born after 1900 to example your connection. ]

[For example, an accountant goes through an analytical process to determine the financial status of a company, and visual artists Jeanne and Claude Christo went through a process when considering the creation of The Gates.  Thus the commonality or common denominator is analytical thinking and processes. ]

View these documents to broaden your concept of an artist and some example connections (Thinking Around an Artist – Connections Wheel.pdf

  **The visual arts are those arts discussed in your textbook.   

   **In addition: although the career field of nursing may be an art, it is not a visual art.  Although the human body is art, it is not a visual art in itself.  However, a nurse can use the visual arts (the artwork of Mary Cassatt for example) to promote mental well being of his/her patients and the human body can be used by artist in sculpture, photography etc. 

   **In addition:  not all visual images are visual artworks!!  Visual images include some advertising, medical illustrations, etc.  However, all visual artworks rely upon visual images- as all visual artwork are visual by nature.  If this is unclear for you- send your instructor a BB Message with your specific questions.

Step 2. Write your essay. (see below requirements for essay content and format)
Submit your essay to the Writing Lab for their feedback on format, grammar, etc. (submit through (Use Writing Lab Announcement for submitting information) or email the [email protected]  (allow at least 48hours workday turn around) ((Ensure you or the Writing Lab sends me an email of verification (time and date) of your submission. I do not need to see their feedback to you)

The one required scholarly (found through class textbook & online CTC Library – not Internet websites) source must support at least  one side of the connection you are claiming in your thesis statement with specific information and examples(in the form of at least 2 in-text citations from this source).  Your paper must include documentation of sources within the essay in the form of in-text citations and then a works cited page.  This is an absolute requirement to avoid Plagiarism.  All references to images must be documented in MLA style as seen in the Example Essay.

 Please go to the Writing Lab’s workshop on Finding and Evaluating Sources- instructions for access found in the Announcements. 

In addition, the below “Helpful Resources ….” websites can be referenced to help write and properly document quoted or summarized information from your two supporting sources.

Step 3. Apply information from Writing Lab Submit your essay to me through Safe Assign. 

Step 4.  Essay will be returned to you in a BB Message with grade or requested revisions.  Make any revisions Resubmit essay to me attached to a  BB Message. 

Business (Finance, Communications, Marketing, Management, Homemaker, Small Business, Accounting, Unit Supply, etc) 

Do you fit in this general career group?.

As you develop a connection between the visual arts and your career field, please consider the below listed possible connections.  Do not limit yourself to these listed connections, yet use these to initiate your thought process toward a good and interesting connection for you.  Then…

Reply to the “Business (Finance, Communications, Marketing, Management, Homemaker, Small Business, Accounting, etc)” DB post with your IDE thesis statement.  Requirements are listed on the Papers/Projects button.

I look forward to seeing what connection you have identified as important or interesting to you.


W. Wozniak

1. Just recently, I had the opportunity to see the original David (as referenced on page 49 & 456 in the textbook) at the Accademia Museum in Florence, Italy.{business- art museum}  As the result of a commission{business and legal agreement of a commission}, it was sculpted in the early 1500s by young artist Michelangelo. Michelangeo’s David – Who commissioned the artwork and the sculptor’s point of view also contribute to the content of this artwork.  Michelangelo used realistic representation.  This portrayal of David has a high degree of realism in reference to the form of a human body.  So yes, representational.  Yet to my knowledge there are no recorded images of the person of David, to whom this sculpture refers.  Thus artistic license took over, and Michelangelo was able to portray David as he saw fit.  Yes this portrayal of David matches the handsome youth with his sling described in the above reference, yet Michelangelo changed the form in many ways to meet or satisfy artistic content,composition and commission.{business}  2. Marketing and Advertising- symbols used here and in the visual arts.  I encourage you to check out this art appreciation geared website.  You will be able to zoom in on Hans Holbein’s The Ambassadors at the London National Gallery to see the lines, color application, etc up close.  ~and the symbols contained in this artwork are amazing communicators of content.  How is space represented in the background drapery?

Please let me know what you think of this site.  Type this address into your browser – 3. Precision in Accounting. How is Delacroix’s line imprecise and emotional?  I would like to address ‘imprecise’.  If you were to compare his paintings to the lines of Jacques Louis David’s Death of Socrates where the lines are planned and precise, you may notice the clarity level of each as different.  It almost appears that David’s was a photograph taken with an abundance of strong light in great focus which created clearly defined objects with implied outlines and lines of detail within.  ((Neither of these are photographs, comparing them to photos is a good reference only.)  Delacroix’s on the other hand uses more of a subtle candle light, slightly out of focus seemingly in parts, with dimly lit figures and a great deal of figures that blend into the darkness around them.  Thus essentially the outlines of shading around the edge and within  most figures are blurred and irregular.  4.  While visiting the National Air and Space Museum a few connections came to mind.

Consider the pioneers in your field of study as compared to the pioneers in the visual arts.  For example Kandinsky is the father of abstract visual arts and Lindberg is one of the pioneers of aviation as he was accredited with the first transatlantic flight in 1927 on the Spirit of St. Louis. Who is a renown pioneer within your career field?

What are the basic components of your career field that make your career field possible and how do they relate to the basics of the visual arts.  For example, business is possible due to money, math, etc. and visual artworks rely upon line, color, space and light. 5. After visiting the Terra Cotta Warriors(found within the burial pit of emperor Qin Shi Huang of China 200’s BC)  exhibit at the National Geographic Museum a few possible interdisciplinary connections came to mind, that you might be interested in developing for your IDE essay. Hair design/Cosmetology:  How does the hair design- as seen on the individual characteristics of each warrior identify him within the hierarchy of the Qin military?  Rounded knot design verses flat knot.  OR Economics:  What is the place/value of gold to our society in comparison to jade for the Qin dynasty? OR Administration:  What was the role/tasks of the city official to the Qin dynasty in life and within the tomb as compared with a modern administrator? 6. While visiting the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC, the following possible career associations came to mind. Manager: Within the museum, there was a section just for children.  What role would the creator and docent of this part of the museum need to rely upon—early childhood education and the learning ability of children, psychologicalimpact of events and images on children 7. I recently visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and as I walked through the museum a few connections came to mind that will hopefully be of some use to you while making connections for the upcoming essay.  This museum has incorporated a digital learning system into part of their museum, how does this use of technology connect to the Information Technology field? OR Consider the commonality of light and communication when considering the invention and use of stained glass windows and the work of Louis Comfort Tiffany.  Then consider the role of light and communication in radiology and psychology. OR Consider the business manager position (overseer) under the pharaoh in ancient Egypt.  What possible roles did an Egyptian overseer serve.  How does the art of this era record information in a similar way that a modern accounting ledger does. OR What role does subjectivity play in the depiction of Picasso’s Gerturde Stein and what role does subjectivity play in marketing, law, and the business fields? OR What role does commissioning play in 1900 paintings, as it relates to business and prestige considerations when having a family portrait completed by well known visual artists? Consider the portraits done by Renoir.  Are similar items valued as prestigious to contemporary business men and women?  Consider the collectors of today’s society. OR Consider the Metropolitan Museum of Art as a business.  How does the museum business relate to the visual art it displays?  Many wealthy art owners have donated artworks to this museum, how does this play a role in the business related practices of a museum? OR Realty: How is the value of the property/business/ home of a well known visual artist determined?  Does a structure have historic value due only to age or are prior occupants also a consideration?  Do real estate agents specialize in gallery sales, or is selling a gallery no different than any other commercial property? OR What is the role of an administrator for a visual art museum? 8. Unit Supply and the Visual Arts.  I looked up a job description on and these were some of the words they used “Receive, inspect, inventory, load/unload, store, issue and deliver supplies and equipment “.  It struck me that this is the same job description of a visual art gallery manager/owner.  Perhaps this type of connection would be of interest to you. 

OR -Storage alone is an important aspect with visual artworks- what considerations need to be made when storing Army equipment (heat, wet, etc) and then also with storing a painting for a given amount of time.???

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