personal statuses

This is for the sociology class of a writing response. 
Write down several of your own personal statuses. Explain which one’s are ascribed statuses and which one’s are achieved statuses. Also, for each status that you describe, please explain what role expectations go along with that particular status. If you would like, you can also talk about how sometimes different statuses create role conflict, or how role strain can occur within one of your statuses.( Sample: One of my statuses is that I am a best friend to my friend A. This status is an example of an achieved status because I choose to be friends with A, it is not something I have to do. The role expectations that go along with this friendship include that I will be available to A whenever she needs me. If she has a problem, or is sad, she can talk to me and I will be there to listen and help if I can… Another status I have is … etc. ) ( Remember: This should be your own thoughts and ideas….not quotations, statistics, nor researched facts. Also, do not use writings, in part or whole, from other classes)
Can you write this writing response a minimum of 250 words? 

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