After watching the introduction video for this module and completing this module’s readings, review the case of TRJ, a young man who was discharged over his own objection from state child welfare and

After watching the introduction video for this module and completing this module’s readings, review the case of TRJ, a young man who was discharged over his own objection from state child welfare and foster care. The case is available here:

In re T.R.J._ 661 A.2d 1086.PDFActions

Imagine that you are a case worker assigned to develop a diversion plan for TRJ in your own jurisdiction, to prevent further criminal behavior and his potential incarceration. Consider his needs and issues, along with the services that have been previously attempted and failed to meet TRJ’s needs, as described in the case decision. The transition checklist (transition_checklist.docxActions ) can help you consider services across different life domains. Use this module’s readings and online research to identify specific programs in your jurisdictions that may provide these services and supports.

In your discussion post, identify the 2-3 most urgently-necessary services or supports that should be offered to TRJ. For each service or support you recommend,

1. Explain why you chose this service or support. What makes it the most urgent and critical for this youth?

IMPORTANT: Best practice approaches to service planning require the person’s willingness to participate, as well as some indication that the service would be effective in helping the person. If your recommendations include services that have been unsuccessfully attempted, or which he has refused in the past (there are a lot of these in this case!), you’ll also need to explain why these services/supports should be tried again.

2. Name a specific program or agency that would provide this service or support in your jurisdiction.

For example, if you determine that TRJ requires immediate homeless shelter access, explain why a shelter is critical to his safety, and provide the name of a shelter in your jurisdiction that he could be referred to.

After watching the introduction video for this module and completing this module’s readings, review the case of TRJ, a young man who was discharged over his own objection from state child welfare and
TRANSITION PLANNING NEEDS AND RESOURCES CHECKLIST GENERAL Has there been an assessment of your needs to inform transition planning? Have you been a part of the transition planning process? Has there been a youth-centered transition meeting? IMPORTANT IDENTIFICATION RECORDS Do you have your original birth certificate? Do you have your original social security card? Do you have a driver’s license or any other form of government-issued identification? EDUCATION Are you currently in school? If so, what level are you at? What are your educational goals? What plans do you have to achieve those goals? Do you plan on attending college? If so, do you have information about programs to assist you with the costs? If you plan on attending college, have you taken the necessary steps, such as taking your ACT/SAT, filing a FAFSA, visiting schools, applying for scholarships/financial aid? Are you eligible for special education services? If so, what services were included in your IEP? Do you know the names of all of the schools you have attended, and do you have access to official records from those schools? MEDICAL Do you have complete medical and dental records? Do you have health insurance? If yes, do you have the appropriate documentation? If no, do you have any plans to obtain health insurance? What do you know about MIYA? Are you up-to-date on immunizations? Do you have your immunization records? Are you currently prescribed any medications? If so, do you have an adequate supply of that medication as well as information as to how to access refills when necessary? Do you know the name of your primary care physician and dentist? Do you have a therapist you can continue with after 18? Do you know of any upcoming medical or dental appointments? Do you have any other special health needs? If so, are you receiving the appropriate services? Are you addressing your reproductive health needs? Are you in need of any substance abuse services? RELATIONSHIPS Who are your role models? Are these people a part of your life? Can you name three people who you could call for assistance anytime? How is your relationship with your siblings and other family members? Have you had an opportunity to participate in a group with other youth like you? Is that something you would be interested in? Do you need support in decision-making, whether formal or informal? EMPLOYMENT Have you obtained employment? If yes, where are you employed and what are your hours? If no, have you been searching for employment? What are your ultimate goals as far as employment is concerned? What is your plan to achieve those goals? Do you have a resume prepared? FINANCIAL Have you received annual credit checks? Do you have a checking or savings account? If so, do you have the necessary documents associated with those accounts? Do you have a credit or debit card? Do you know how to budget? Do you have a budget planned? Have you been saving money? If so, are you participating in Opportunity Passport? Who can you call if a financial emergency arises? LIVING ARRANGEMENTS Where will you be living? Who will be living with you? What is your relationship with those people? How much is your rent and how do you plan to earn money to pay your rent? Have you considered the cost of other expenses, such as gas, electric, water, etc? Will you be able to meet those costs, as well? Do you believe you have the skills necessary to live independently? If not, can you identify any issues you still have problems with and any services that could be provided to help you with them? TRANSPORTATION Do you have a driver’s license? Do you have car insurance? How do you get to your job, school or other places you need to go? Have you saved any money toward buying a car? Do you understand how to buy/maintain a car?

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