do a lab exercise. Everything is in the 2 files.

do a lab exercise.

Everything is in the 2 files.

do a lab exercise. Everything is in the 2 files.
Astronomy Lab 10.0 Exploring Mars The following websites will need to be visited to complete the exercises in this lab: 1.) 2.) 3.) Objective: To discover interesting and current information about Mars. Materials: Websites listed above, computer, Internet Procedure: 1. Access the page and determine the current wind speed and temperature at the Martian equator. 2. Access the “Evidence of Ancient Martian Life in Meteorite ALH84001” page and list the three main lines of evidence that suggest the meteorite contains evidence of life on Mars. 3. Access the page and name and describe three major features that are most interesting to you. Analysis: Report your findings here. Conclusion: Answer this question: What did you find most interesting about Mars and why? Please follow the guidelines in “How to Write a Lab Report” in completing you report.
do a lab exercise. Everything is in the 2 files.
How to Write a Lab Report Dr. Steve Rapp You might think of a lab report as a road map. It enlightens the reader with the directions used in some exploration that you have embarked upon. The report consists of 5 major headings: Objective: Explain to the reader what you are trying to accomplish, or what you are trying to accomplish; Materials: This is simply a list of the equipment and materials you used in your investigation; Procedure: The procedure conveys to the reader how you did your experiment. It should be detailed enough so that the reader could repeat your investigations and produce similar results. It should always be written in your own words. Analysis: In the analysis section you try to show evidence of what happened in your experiment. If questions are posed in laboratory activity they should be answered here according to question number. The evidence may be made apparent to the reader by any one or all of the following: ObservationsObservations are what you observe with your senses during an experiment.  Examples of possible observations are changes in color, odor, formation of precipitate, escaping gas, temperature, pressure, velocity, acceleration, changes in mass, and solubility.DataAny information that is used in determining the results of the experiment is usually classified as data.  It is very important that the data collected during the experiment be properly identified, and that correct significant digits and units are used. Equipment and instruments must be read to the correct number of significant digits.  As a general rule, one estimated digit should be recorded as the final significant digit. Data can be presented in tables or graphs. If any computations have to be done they should also be included in this section. Tables: In many experiments the amount of information included in your observations and data will be extensive.  Tables are a very efficient means of organizing information. All information should be clearly labeled. Below you find a sample data table or roller coaster data. Graphs: Graphs are a good way to present data when making comparisons. Someone looking at your data can readily and easily see changes that occur. See the sample graph on the next page. Velocity vs. Time Graph Calculations: Any computations that have to be performed should be included in the analysis. If the calculations are of the same type and many have to be performed, it is permissible to include only one of those types of calculations. Conclusion: The conclusion may well be the most important part of your report. Review the checklist of conclusion guidelines below, that if followed will help you write an excellent conclusion: Did you summarize and include data or results essential to your conclusions? Did you clearly explain your conclusions using your data or results? Are there any additional experiments that you would perform to explore unanswered questions? Did you discuss any real-world applications related to this information? Did you use complete sentences? Did you check for spelling and punctuation errors? Did you cite sources where necessary and did you use the correct citation format? Did you anticipate any questions the reader may have?

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