please see the attached

please see the attached

please see the attached
Fall 2022 CIS 525 Documentation: Submit assignment to Canvas (Midterm Survey) as Word or PDF and include the following: Student Name(s) and Section Number: PowerPoint or other presentation files: Topic Summary: Why did you choose this topic? Is there any cost associated? Is this a product? Are there plans to make products like this? Benefits to using this? What did you learn? What did you find interesting? What did you find surprising? Would you use this product? Summary for the class: (example, I would recommend using this… or I did not think it makes sense to purchase this… or This topic – will soon be outdated because of … Were you able to Implement (required by groups of two students) (200 – 400 words): Midterm Summary: (100 – 200 words): learning topics from this survey. Example, learn more from this versus taking and an actual knowledge based exam. Gain presentation skills? Communication skills? I recommend making a separate page for each of the numbers 1 through 10 above. While you may not need to use the entire page, you should have around 150 words or more plus screen shots where applicable. Your presentation can follow the same format – summarizing the 10 topics above- one page (or two) per slide. Presentation format: should be around 10 min (15 min for two students) Be prepared for a few questions, from the audience. Online section (002) – can submit a pre-recorded video presentation, but if possible, I would prefer a zoom live meeting or an in person meeting. You can and should include live links if possible. You can bring your own laptop to present upload your file to Canvas and present from the instructor’s desktop.

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