Answer Questions About My Hypothesis (3 Questions)

My research question for this study is what is the relationship between peer pressure and underage drinking?

2.      What is your hypothesis or hypotheses? Peer pressure relies on interpersonal relations and the strength of friendship amongst age mates to thrive. Young people can develop such friendship bonds especially when they are in closer contact with each other every day hence brainstorm on many issues. However, based on the fact they are incapable of rational judgment and are indecisive due to their tender ages, they are vulnerable to peer pressure. Peer pressure therefore is more common in young people for the above reasons.

      Null hypothesis: There is no substantial proof to believe that young girls are the most affected. This assertion may be based on cultural stereotypes but not reality on the ground. 

Answer The Following Questions About My Hypothesis:


What are the variables in your study? HINT: Refer back to your hypothesis or hypotheses.



2.      Provide operational definitions for each variable.




3.      How will you measure each variable? Discuss the reliability and validity of these measures in general terms.

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