Due today – Discussion Questions –

Answer the following two discussions in 100-150 words


Discussion 1 Answer in 100-150 words:

In your opinion, is it possible to recover repressed memories?  Explain.


Discussion 2 Answer in 100-150 words:

Some would argue that intentional forgetting is very adaptive in our lives as it helps update our memory with new information.  Payne and Corrigan (2007) conducted a study in which they examined whether people can intentionally forget emotional events as easily as mundane ones.  What they found was that emotion limits our ability to control the contents of our mind.  The results of their study suggest that even a relatively mild emotional reaction can undermine intentional forgetting.  What do you think about the role emotion may play in our intentional forgetting?  Have you ever had an experience that would either support or challenge this finding?



Payne,  B. K. & Corrigan, E. (2007). Emotional constraints on intentional forgetting.  Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 43, 780-786.

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