PSY 335 Week 4 Experimental Designs Worksheet


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Experimental Designs Worksheet



 Fill in the Blank


 Using the terms listed below, complete the following (fill in the words, not the letters):



 The ___________ group receives treatment in an experimental design. ___________ is required in an experimental design. A case study, or a study with very few participants are examples of ________________. When separate groups of subjects receive different levels of the independent variable, this is referred to as _____________ design. When the researcher measures a behavior that needs to be changed, applies therapy and measures the behavior again, and then removes the treatment and measures the behavior again, this is referred to as ______________ design. When all subjects receive all levels of the independent variable, this is referred to as ____________ design. When the researcher measures a behavior that needs to be changed and then applies therapy and measures the behavior again, this is referred to as _____________ design. When the criterion outcome changes over time this is referred to as _______________ design. When measuring several behaviors or several people with baseline periods of varying lengths and an independent variable occurs, this is referred to as a ______________ design. When subjects are not randomly assigned and not all variables are under the control of the presenter, this is referred to as ______________ design.




A. Multiple Baseline                   B. Small n design                                  C. ABA


D. Random Assignment             E. Quasi-Experimental               F. AB


G. Within Subject                      H. Experimental                         I. Changing Criterion


J. Between Subject








Read the following scenarios and match each scenario with the correct type of experimental design using the designs from the above exercise.



 _____ Two sections of the same class are studied regarding the effects of a new teaching method in science.  One group received the new method of instruction, while the other group uses the standard, traditional method of instruction. Both classes are measured for achievement before and after the teaching methods are applied.





 _____   Subjects diagnosed as having attention deficit disorder were tested on a concentration task after receiving a new therapy comprising four types of treatment: music therapy, talk therapy, anxiety reduction therapy and biofeedback. All subjects were tested four times, once after receiving one of the four types of treatment. Each subject was tested under each of the four conditions of the independent variable



 _____ In a study, one group receives one treatment of the independent variable and the other group receives a different treatment of the independent variable. Subjects were all told they were going to see a video of a therapist’s session after which they would rate the quality of the session. The groups differed in that the subjects in one group were told that prior evaluations indicated that the therapist was effective whereas subjects in the other group were told that the evaluations indicated the therapist was not effective. These different subjects were used for the two levels of the independent variable: subjects were in either the “effective therapist” or the “ineffective therapist” condition.



 _____ To study verbal commands in canines, during week 1 the baseline is recorded for how many times a dog chased a cat.  During week 2, dog was trained to respond to a stop command (treatment) when the dog chased the cat, and the chasing behavior was recorded.  During week 3, t he chasing behavior was recorded without the verbal command (treatment).



 _____ A small group is measured for the amount of anxiety they experience in math class (baseline).  They are taught a relaxation method and measured again to measure anxiety in math class.






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