CHild developmental short paper


This is for two assignments. I want someone to do both assignments. I will list each assignment seperate since they are due different times and dates.  For the first assignment , you will submit the proposed topic for your analysis paper and include three potential references. Include a brief paragraph that describes how each reference relates to the topic and how you will use it in the paper.   This is due 10/13/2015 9pm. eastern time.  The short paper. 1000- 1500 words.

Some topic examples include how exposure to certain hazards during the prenatal period can affect a person at a particular stage of life; gender and cultural development; the effects of peer relationships on development; and the psychosocial considerations of aging throughout the life span. After choosing a paper topic, choose a stage of development (e.g., prenatal) that you will focus on when you write about your chosen topic. For example, if you were to choose “development and role of attachment” and “infancy,” your final paper would focus mainly on the development and role of attachment during infancy. More specifically, it might describe and discuss parent–infant attachment styles and how secure versus insecure attachment styles develop. You would also explore ways attachment may unfold or progress in later stages of development as well as the role or influence attachment can play (e.g., relationship development) in later stages of development. I will also attach example of the final paper etc..


The final paper is due this 10/17/15 at 9pm. I will pay 13.00 for this final paper. both papers total 20.00 ? Anyone interested please let me know.






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