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An annotated bibliography is a reference list in which each entry is followed by an annotation or description of the source. For this assignment, do the following:

  Use the same format as the University of Phoenix Material: Annotated Bibliography Formatting Sample.  (I can fix this if needed)

  Include an APA-formatted title page. 

  Include four to six peer-reviewed sources.

  Include a one-paragraph annotation in your own words for each source.


This will be the basis for your literature review in the Research Proposal assignment. 


 Using the Mental Measurements Yearbook , identify three measures of the constructs you are studying for your research question


1.      What is your research question?




2.      Write a testablehypothesis for your research question.




3.      What constructs is your research question investigating?




4.      Using the Mental Measurements Yearbook, provide the following information for three measures of the constructs:

a.      What is the test? Include the name  and  authors .


b.     How is  the test used? Include t he t arget population, how  the test is administered, and  what information it provide s.


 c.      What is known about  the test’s psychometric properties , such as reliability and validity ?


 d.     Why would  the test be useful for your study?


 Salkind, N. J. (2012). Exploring research (8th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.Delete message


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