FOR KATE TUTOR ONLY Learning Activity 1: Research-Based Needs Assessment

This assignment looks at the needs of a Human Services issue that you find important. The needs analysis will allow you to begin working and researching an issue that a Human Services professional can improve.


Identify and research a specific Human Services issue of personal interest. Conduct a thorough needs analysis for the problem using application of theory and research. Make sure to include the following in your needs analysis:Research and identify a Human Services issue.Conduct a needs analysis of the problem, which includes an analysis of the cause of the problem and any significant factors of the issue.Describe the demographics of the selected population and how the population is affected.

Create a 1- to 6-page report on the needs analysis in proper APA format. The report should demonstrate mastery of the program outcomes of Theoretical Application (PO 1), Research (PO 3), Multicultural Sensitivity (PO 5), and Professional Ethics (PO 6).

This needs analysis will serve as a topic approval for M4 Assignment 2 LASA. When the needs analysis is graded, the instructor will also determine if this topic is satisfactory for the needs assessment in the LASA. If not, the instructor will work with you to determine a satisfactory topic.


Also including the LASA and RA for Module 3 A2 and Module 4 A2 to assist with assignment

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