Application Assignment: Research Simulation

Note: Your Application Assignment this week has two parts.

Part 2: Choosing One Specific Subtopic

As you studied the article “A Practical Guide to Reading Research Articles” last week you learned how to read a research article without having to worry whether you comprehend the related statistical procedures. In that same article, you also encountered the term “literature review” and learned about the purpose of such a review. Learning how to read research and understanding the nature of a literature review will serve you well as you fulfill the two objectives of this assignment: First, to decide on a specific research subtopic, and second, to conduct an abbreviated version of a literature review.

In preparation for this Assignment, review the steps for reading a research article one more time. The more clearly you keep these steps in mind, the less time you will need when you read research.

Revisit the following two articles and take a look at the literature reviews: Article: Strand, P. S., Cerna, S., & Downs, A. (2008). Shyness and emotion-processing skills in preschoolers: A 6-month longitudinal study. Infant & Child Development, 17(2), 109–120. Retrieved from the Walden Library using Academic Search Complete database.

Article: Sayfan, L., & Lagattuta, K. H. (2009). Scaring the monster away: What children know about managing fears of real and imaginary creatures. Child Development, 80(6), 1756–1774. Retrieved from the Walden Library using Academic Search Complete database. :

By now you know that the literature review is located in the article introduction. Rather than reading these reviews in depth, try to gain a sense of the style in which they are written, their scope, and how other researcher’s studies are cited within the literature review.

Follow these steps to complete this assignment:
Decide which one of the 3 subtopics you identified in Week 1 will be the focus of your Research Simulation for the duration of the course, and clearly state that subtopic Conduct an abbreviated literature review, i.e., locate and summarize 3 journal articles from the Walden library that provide further information about the subtopic you have chosen Cite the resources in APA format

Submit this assignment by Sunday of this week.

Subtopic is Cognitve Abilities and Behavioral disorders  this is the topic to write about it in this assignment 

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