clinical assessment

After you have completed the assigned Readings for Unit 2, post your initial response to the following Discussion topic. Your primary post should be no less than 350 words in length and should address both sections A and B. Your primary post must be specific, concise, and substantive.  After you have submitted your primary post, review the primary posts of your classmates and respond specifically and substantially (no less than 100 words) to at least two other students.

Unit 2 Discussion Topic (please complete BOTH A and B)

A: Clinical Assessment

Choose one (1) of the clinical contexts outlined in your reading for this unit and describe a fictional client and his or her specific problems that would be best to address in that context. Review why the context is appropriate for your client and list one or two specific assessments that could potentially be administered. Be sure to include a review of ethical concerns related to your client and the clinical context.

B: The Interview

Why is a clinical interview necessary as an initial component to the assessment process? How does the interview contribute to the assessment process? Include specifics related to methods, strengths, limitations, and other characteristics outlined in your reading for this unit. Specific ethical concerns related to the clinical interview should be noted as well.

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