Easy assignment #2

Share your Signature Themes with 3 people who know you well or fairly well. In order to maximize the benefit for this assignment, interview former/current colleagues—limit those closely related or associated with you personally. Ask them to read through the report and then ask them the following questions, recording their answers:


·             Which parts of the report really describe me?

·             What surprised you about my results?

·             Which of the 5 themes have you noticed in me the most?

·             Give me an example of when and how you’ve seen this theme or these themes in me?


Then prepare a Word document from these results.


1.         Use the following parameters:

·             At least 6 paragraphs with 5 to 7 sentences each

·             One paragraph for an introduction

·             Three paragraphs, 1 for each person interviewed, giving insight into their perceptions with regard to the questions above

·             A summary paragraph which would include reflections on—


Ø  How it felt to ask others about your talents?

Ø  How the people interviewed saw your themes differently than you did.

Ø  If you were surprised by what those interviewed said, include that reflection.

Ø  Describe one thing that you learned as a result of this exercise.


·             A conclusion paragraph explaining the value of this assignment for your career direction.

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