Edu. 372 DQ1 week 5


Corporal Punishment Debate


Effective teachers tend to use a variety of classroom management strategies to meet the developmental and learning needs of their students. Some states are still using corporal punishment as a form of behavior management. Watch the CBS Report Corporal punishment in schools


and respond to the following questions:

 Do you feel corporal punishment is an appropriate means of behavior management in schools? Why or why not? How does corporal punishment impact a child’s psychological development? Do the ends justify the means? How does corporal punishment align with any of the management models presented in our text? Be sure to provide reasoning for your response.



Select one of the following management models that you would choose instead of corporal punishment. Describe the principal characteristics of your selected classroom model and why you think this model works well. List specific instructional strategies related to your selected management model

 Roger’s Humanistic Model Marland’s Caring Model Kounin’s Teacher With-it-ness Skinner’s Behavior Modification Canter’s Assertive Discipline


Book: LeFrançois, G. (2011). Psychology for teaching  (11th ed.). San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

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