Instructions for writing essays. Type your essay in MS-Word. If you use another word processing application, use file/ save as to save it in Word format (*.doc). Answer the question  completely and thoroughly and  in your own words. Support your position with evidence from the textbook, but DO NOT quote the textbook (paraphrase). Cite page numbers where appropriate. Use proper written English. Proofread and correct errors before submitting your essay in the drop box for Essay #1. Since you have a long time to select and write each essay, it should be well written. This is  not a 3-paragraph essay paper as in an English course (i.e. you will not have an intro, body, and conclusion).You might think of the essay as an  essay question on a test, so it should probably be at least a  long paragraph, maybe two, if you are addressing all aspects of the question. For a complex question you  may need to use three paragraphs. What is more important than length is to have a clear thesis statement with clear and sufficient supporting evidence.  Example 1. For question 1, below, you would state your thesis on why you believe the advantages are needed and provide evidence from the textbook that addresses each of the perceptual skills mentioned in the question.  Example 2. For question 2, below, you would need a thesis statement about the risks associated with this age group and provide supporting evidence for specific risks discussed in your textbook.


TOPIC 1: Describe how participation in sports illustrates connections between motor, cognitive, and social development.


TOPIC 2:  Despite greatly increased divorce rates over the past few decades, the rate of marriage has not changed very much. Why do you think this is?





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