Intro to Psychology Topic 5

Topic 5: Learning  Objectives:  Explain what learning is. Describe classical conditioning. Discuss operant conditioning. Understand observational learning. Discuss the role of cognition in learning. Identify biological, cultural, and psychological factors in learning. Describe how principles of learning apply to health and wellness.  Materials:  Read:  Chapter 5

You may also want to check out this website for further practice and understanding: 


Open the following document to help you understand and practice identifying the elements involved in classical and operant conditioning.

 ConditioningFile  Assignments:  This is a very important chapter in Psychology with a lot of practical, real life application for how people learn and how behavior changes. If any of you intend on going into Education – this chapter is for you! Spend plenty of time learning the material.

Complete the following assignment for chapter 5. This is the only assignment you have for this chapter. You’ll find there are several questions that require you to give examples, think critically, and formulate well written answers. Take your time and do just that and I’ll be able to give you full credit!

 Chapter 5 Study GuideFile  Chapter 5 Study Guide SubmissionAssignment  Assessments:  You will have an exam over chapters 5, 6, & 7. Focus on this chapter!

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