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Emotional Intelligence


1.    Respond to the following discussion in 100-150 Words.

Conflicts at work tend to fester as people either passively avoid problems or confront them so aggressively that situations are blown out of proportion. Many organizations perpetuate an environment that stifles emotional intelligence. What are some reasons emotional intelligence may be stifled in some work environments? What are some things employers can do to foster, rather than stifle, emotional intelligence?


2.    Respond to the following discussion in 100 – 150 words.

As we know, when something has a far-reaching impact on our lives, we try and finds ways to measure it. Tests on emotional intelligence provide an objective evaluation of behavior. The resulting profile can help the individual understand his or her strengths as well as the skills that will provide him or her with the greatest opportunity for improvement. The test can tell which skills are the individual’s strengths and which areas can use improvement. The profile provides an overall emotional intelligence score, scores for personal and social competence, and scores in each of the emotional intelligence skills. The results highlight specific actions that are most critical to increasing emotional intelligence. Any thoughts?


3.    Respond to the following discussion in 100 – 150 words.

Great discussion on how emotional intelligence can be used in the various areas of our daily living. Your statements are very insightful. When discussing emotional intelligence, it is important to consider the possible individual differences as they relate to emotional intelligence. We know diversity is all around us. What might be some individual differences factored into individuals’ ability to understand and develop emotional intelligence? I look forward to hearing your thoughts.



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