Resource Guide- Children and Adolescents


Resource Guide- Children and Adolescents (25 points)


This guide should be comprised of local resources (within your community). You will add to this guide in future classes.




Your assignment is to research church, para-church, and community agencies , listing what they offer regarding assistance to those who need child or adolescent therapy and/or assistance. 




Include at least 10 resources listed (if you run into trouble locating 10 references in your area, you may expand your search, but begin by looking locally), and they should vary in format. Detail relevant data such as program name, location, contact information, type of treatment offered, length of treatment, modality used, cost for services, requirements of participation, and any other relevant information about the program.




Your listing should be an accurate and comprehensive list of what you consider to be the best resources available in your area.  You will add personal commentary (a couple of sentences) about each program you choose to include. This may include your thoughts about the program, what you have heard from others, the general reputation of the program, or your informal evaluation or impressions based on what you know of services offered.  




Format may vary, but please be clear in headings and structure. An example will be posted in course materials section in Bb.




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