two scenarios of Psychology


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1. Parenting Style Scenario (worth 15 points)

Hailey’s bed time is 8:30 p.m.  Her parents strictly enforce her bedtime.  One night, Hailey was watching an educational program called “Weird Science – Volcanoes”.  The program ends at 9:00 p.m..  Hailey asked her parents if she can stay up and finish watching the program this night only.  Her parents agree to let her finish the program. 

Her parents would most likely be classified as having a(n) _________________________ parenting style.  Explain your answer using the definition of the parenting style along with the details of the scenario.


2. Attachment Scenario (worth 15 points)

Jimmy’s mom is dropping him off in the nursery while she gets a workout at the gym.  When she tries to leave, Jimmy clings to her and becomes very upset.  The nursery worker manages to get Jimmy and mom leaves for her workout.  When she returns a short while later, Jimmy’s mom picks him up, but Jimmy cannot be consoled.  He hits his mom and sobs.  Jimmy is most likely exhibiting signs of which of the following attachments (secure, insecure, resistant/ambivalent)?  _____________________

You must explain your answer by defining the type of attachment and providing details from the scenario that support your answer.


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