Discussion Due today at 10 pm!!!

Go to topic 1 on this homepage. Click on link to “Discovering Psychology
video series. Watch video #17 on sexuality.

Click http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/discovering-psychology/ link to open resource

Posting 1: What 3 facts or pieces of information did you find most surprising and/or interesting in the video? What did you learn in the video that you think would be most useful for you to know, andy why? What did you disagree with, or question the truth of, in the video, and why?

Write at least 6-7 sentences for above posting.

Postings 2 & 3: Respond to two other students in class. Write 1-2 sentences, or more, for each of those postings. (You can respond to more than 2 students, but that’s optional.)

STUDENT 1I think the most interesting fact that I learned in this video was that research found that at an early age children are more comfortable playing with children the same sex as themselves. I always believed that it was mostly society and the parents of children that would enforce the belief for children to play with the same sex. I also thought it was interesting that children around the ages of four to six understand gender better and then will tease children of the same sex if they play with children of the different sex. Another provoking fact I learned in this video clip was that even language used at this age can be different with sexes. Boys are usually more demanding while girls are more considerate of others speaking. I think it is pretty important to know when at what ages children start to understand gender. I think it is important for children to learn at a young not to follow or believe in gender roles/stereotypes. I do not really disagree with the research and theories presented in this video. I understand that every individual is different so you can have a bossy girl who is not considerate of others speaking. I know this personally from growing up with my sister  Student 2

I found it interesting that men are most vulnerable to diseases, illnesses, injury, and death. I can see why, because males have a more aggressive attitude towards them and will take more risks if they have to or even simply want to. Males also are more involved in dangerous (climbing towers, construction, police officer, etc.) and hard physical labor than women are. Also, as children males tend to be more active and active in physical play and females are more calm and play with dolls and board games. Close friendships are more important to females than they are to males. It connects to the fact of how males are more prone to injury and are more aggressive; it starts at an early age. In addition to what I found interesting, from a young age, children learn their gender roles from observing and through watching television. Also, by the way your parents raise you and reward you for appropriate gender behaviors. That is also what I learned in this video and will take with me for when I eventually become a parent. I will reward my children for positive appropriate gender behaviors because that is the process of raising them into a good man or woman. As well as giving them chores to do around the house to instill the gender role and experience into their lives. I disagree with the fact that one of the female roles are that they are dependent. Maybe in the past, but today women are independent and do not need someone to support them; just like everyone else. They work and have their own income and there are many women out there who live on their own.

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