Essay Psychology

Write an 8-10 page essay on one of the following topics.

Marx describes ideology as being produced by material structures but then serving to control material flows through artificial networks of ideas. Explain why ideas are not true objects in any intrinsic sense and do not accurately reflect the world, even though they play a propagandistic role in maintaining capitalism. Show some examples of ideology and discuss how it is created. How does ideology prevent revolution?

Explain why globalization is one of the key phenomena of current history and culture as the world has become smaller and economy has become increasingly global and intertwined. Describe what globalization is by examining some globalized entities (from Ferrell or your own). What moral problems does this situation pose?

Explain how human rights are defined by Locke as an essential component of human nature which a government is obligated to protect. Choose an example of a moral problem from a business scenario (from Ferrell or your own) and show how it is affected by an understanding of rights. Next show how it can be analyzed under the moral framework of Aristotle, Kant, or Mill. 

Also please use an outside source on top of Business Ethics by Ferrell 

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