KATETUTOR ONLY Executive Summary Presentation

Reflect on your proposal and its process (which youve done over the past several weeks) In a 5-minute (or a 5-slide with notes) presentation, create an executive summary that recapitulates the issue and your proposed solution as well as a description of how your personal values influenced the selection and design of this program.


The presentation should demonstrate mastery of the program outcomes of Personal Value Systems and Interpersonal Effectiveness (PO 4) and Administration of Human Services (PO 8). All writing should have proper grammar and spelling. All references should be properly cited in APA format.

As a reminder: Your presentation may be submitted as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with notes or you may elect to share your PowerPoint presentation in either a videotaped session or a synchronous session with the class.


Please note: A synchronous presentation would have been coordinated for student and instructor schedules prior to this week. If you elect to create the video presentation, you may upload it through eCollege.com. Another option is to use Elluminate Live! that is available in your course. Once a session is started by the instructor, students may take control and record their PowerPoint presentation. It will be saved and archived automatically in your course. Please click here for detailed directions for accessing Elluminate Live!

Please note that you will need to connect with the instructor to schedule a time to meet in order to start the session in Elluminate Live!


Submission Details:Save your presentation with the name M5_A2_Lastname_Firstname.ppt, and by Monday, November 14, 2016


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