For this exercise, your task is to estimate the  psychometric properties of a new  C ognitive  A bility  T est .    You will need to use SPSS to analyze the data.  An  SPSS data file  is included  in the assignment folder , with responses from  252   young adults . Within the data file you will find raw scores for  the  test items . 


To answer each of  these questions, run the analyse s using SPSS and report releva nt information in your write-up  (i.e., exact values from the SPSS output) .  Provide an interpretation of what the results mean . In other words, explain your findings in sufficient detail so that another person could understand  what  you examined and  why .  Type your responses using MS Word or Google Docs and upload your responses by clicking on the assignment link. 

Difficulty 1.  Estimate i tem difficulty  and report the values .  2.  How would you describe the difficulty of these items?  Are any of them too easy or too difficult? Which ones and why?


Discrimination 3.  Estimate  the item-total correlations and report the values. 4.  How would you describe the discrimination of these items?  Do any items differentiate between test takers particularly poorly? Which items and why?


Reliability 5.  Compute the internal consistency for the test using  the items in the data set  and report the value .  6.  Explain  the impact on the reliability coefficient if each item were deleted.  7.  Remove  any items that you believe should be excluded from the test based on the information you have evaluated to this point. Compute and report the internal consistency estimate for the test again with any items removed. How did this value change compared with the original internal consistency estimate?

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