psychology essay/case study

Click this link: Library Guides Once on the above library page, read the login instructions on the left side. In the middle, “search best databases” enter your topic. Check full text and peer reviewed. Click Search.  Now scroll down to publication date and enter 2012-2016. Your results will update.  You must reference the article in APA format. Use the APA guide in this weeks course content folder to reference the correct way. Your document must be typed in Times New Roman 12 point font only. No more than one quote can be used.




1. Choose any person you want to write about who is a celebrity, political person or anyone else in the spotlight. The person you cho ose must have a mental health disorder. You can use the Internet first to find a person that fits the above description if you do not already know of one. For example, I used Google and entered celebrities with mental illnesses. From that search I found Brooke Shields and that she had been diagnosed with Postpartum Depression. (Now you cannot use Brooke Shiel ds since this is my example.)


For example my choice would be demi lovato battling bipolar disorder.



2. Take the person you found in step one and follow the library directions above in the bullet points.




3. Discuss the article in your own words. Who is the person you chose and what was the disorder? What are the symptoms this person had that fit the criteria for that disorder? Your opinion does not belong in this area. Minimum word count is 300 words.




4. What is your opinion on the article, the person you chose and the disor der ? Minimum word count 200 words.




5. You need a reference page that is titled and in APA format. All references cited in your paper must be included on the reference page.



This is an essay and therefore your answers shou ld be in paragraph format, not numbered. Remember a reference page is on a page by itself.

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