Sociology research paper on hate crime


Hate Crimes Research Topic – This was Unit II search for one peer-reviewed scholarly article that discusses your topic of interest.


-tell how it relates to race and ethnicity or social change, and explain what you hope to learn from this topic. You will also provide a brief summary of the article.


For helpful information concerning peer-reviewed articles and how to identify them, access the Peer-Reviewed Articles—The What, Why, and How recorded webinar presented by the CSU Success Center, which can be found at






This was unit IV -The introduction and a brief outline of the body of the research paper,


 a brief annotated bibliography of at least three peer-reviewed,




This is what I need -For this assignment, you will pull together the information from your Unit II and Unit IV when writing your research paper.


To begin, make sure you have the following:


 title page,


 your topic from Unit II,


 your outline from Unit IV,


 information from the four (or more) peer-reviewed, scholarly articles on your topic that you located in the CSU Online Library, as well as any other sources you have identified, and


 references for your sources.




Following your outline, write your final paper about your topic.


Your research paper must be at least five (5) pages, double-spaced, not including your title and reference pages. Use APA style writing for in-text citations and references. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me. Thank You


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