2 discussion and 2 essay

2 short discussion one 1 paper

1 / Why is Descartes trying to doubt everything? ( write 100~140 words short explain)

2/  There are ten factors in the formula a Dependent Arising, give me the first ( write 100~140 words short explain)


a separate paper this is the essay


3/ Essay #1


This is to be a 3(minimum Full pages worth of work) to 5-page paper. No late papers accepted. Cite all Sources! Plagiarism will automatically fail you from this course. Read Syllabus on Paper requirements. First: Analyze and evaluate Descartes’ two proofs of God’s existence. How are they different? Is one more convincing than the other? And secondly: How does Descartes explain how we humans make mistakes (errors)? Do not just state that a perfect creator made imperfect humans. Descartes has several ideas on why we make mistakes and how we go wrong. Are Descartes’ arguments convincing to you? Why or why not?


Study guild

Meditations Three and Four: Power Point (slides 1-17)

Meditations Five and Six: Power Point (slides1-17)

4/Essay #2Write a three or four paragraph essay answering the topic given. The essays will be completed and submitted by the time specified on the course calendar.

What is Elisabeth asking Descartes to clarify? Does Descartes give an adequate answer? Explain, in your opinion, why or why not?


Study guild:Read required text: Women Philosophers of the Early Modern Period.  “Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia” (pgs 9-21)

Dualism: Power Point (slides 1-27)


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