Beginning the Assessment Report: Conducting Descriptive Data Analysis in Addiction

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Collecting data on individuals with suspected addictions is important, but without descriptive data analysis skills, the data remain extraneous bits of information with no framework on which to make a diagnosis or further recommendations.


The chapters from Lichtenberger, Mather, Kaufman, and Kaufman (2004) will help guide you as you start writing the first part of an assessment report. Based on the interview in the media from Week 3 titled Interviewing Strategies and a set of raw data provided in your Learning Resources this week, you will explore which descriptive data would need to be included in order to provide referral, background, and history on the individual depicted with a potential addiction.  


To prepare:


Review the Learning Resources, including the following:


Perkinson, R. R. (2012). Chemical dependency counseling: A practical guide (4th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE.

 Essentials of Assessment Report Writing Chapter 1, “Introduction and Overview” Chapter 2, “Technical Aspects of Writing” Chapter 3, “Referral and Background Information”   Watch the media from Week 3 titled Interviewing Strategies. (See attachment)


Laureate Education (Producer). (2012a). Interviewing techniques [Video file]. Retrieved from

 Score the raw data provided in the document “Simple Screening Instrument for Substance Abuse Disorders” (See attachment)


Complete Part 1 of the assessment report after scoring the raw data using the instructions provided.


Assignment Directions:


Submit by Day 7 Part 1 of the assessment report, Descriptive Data Analysis, including the following:

 History of the client (approximately 1–2 pages) Referral (approximately 1–2 paragraphs) Background information (approximately 1–2 pages) Description of data findings (approximately 1 page)




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