For this Assignment, you will complete two parts: 


Part 1: Complete the Negotiation Style Self-Assessment (ATTAACHED). Once you have completed the self-assessment, write a response that includes the following: 


Ø  A description of your conflict style results


Ø  How you feel this information can be useful to you as you negotiate with others


Ø  When your style is appropriate and inappropriate


Ø  What bargaining tactics you prefer 


Part 1 must be a minimum of one full page or more in length. Part 1 of your assignment is to provide only the description of your results, as detailed above. 


Part 2: For the second part of this assignment, you will explain when negotiation is appropriate. Please explain the following points: 


Ø  When you should negotiate (including a specific example)


Ø  When you should not negotiate (including a specific example)


Ø  When mutual adjustment occurs and what part it plays in negotiations. 


Part 2 must be one full page or more in length. You are required to use at least your textbook as a reference. You may use the CSU Online Library or the Internet for other resources. 


Submit Part 1 and Part 2 in one Word document. Please label the parts for clarity by using headings. Follow proper APA format, and include a title page and reference page. Cite and reference all outside sources used. 

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