Titled: Bio- Psycho-Social Assessment

: Titled: Bio- Psycho-Social Assessment

submit 5-8 pages no less that focus on an adolescent from one of the case studies presented from this course and complete a bio-psyco-social assessment. The assessment should be written in professional langue. See Week 10 Project details  I choosed the case of Diane which is about a 15 year old female who is currently her and her family is homeless and living in a shelter in a local church, also this child has seen her mother go through many stage of abuse which has caused haer to shut down in her life and hinder her in her growth of her adolescent stages of her childhood and it is causing a lot of difficult moments in her now growing up .some of what she has seen has influenced her development as a child and opening up to her mother because her mother left her alone a lot as she was coming up.and paid attention to her other siblings more and even as they developed it contiued so this child felt alone even now, emotional and physically this has effected her. Diane never got to get to experience how to interact with other children her own age, she was always kept sheltered., she would Diane would go to school with dirty clothes and not able to shower and take bath do the clothes she would wear would be dirty and smelly, so the only time she would get a chance to get cleaned up is when she go to school and get help from the school social worker, who finally intervene and reached out to the family and got involved and found resource such as food and clothing , good will services for clothe and furniture and other connections they needed to help them.This gave Diane hope and made her feel better about going to school around her peers being able to wear clean clothes and take bathes now that the social worker has stepped in to help may be counseling is in the making and the family can get back on top of things Diane said her mother went down hill after the older sister went off to college she just didn’t care any more but the social worker did get them some family counseling. so there is your case. an idea. tis is not due for a couple of weeks thanks.

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