Pscyhology in the community

Picture a scenario where you have  three clients who have various referral needs to particular community resources. Your supervisor has suggested that you use the Internet to identify resources in your own community that will help you meet your clients’ needs.

 Your client’s mother was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. Locate a hospice that services the elderly in your county. client has agreed to substance abuse treatment for 30 days. Locate local treatment facilities and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings that your client can attend. client disclosed in counseling that she was a victim of childhood sexual abuse. Locate a local agency that provides group treatment for these adults.

Based on the three scenarios. Use the Internet and your local telephone directory to compile an information bank of community resources in south florida to meet the needs of clients in your three chosen scenarios. The description of each resource should include:The name, address, phone number, and Web site address of the agencyThe at-risk population the agency or organization serves (it could serve multiple populations)A description of services provided by the agencyAn explanation about why the agency would be a good fit for the given scenario

After gathering the information about your selected resources, use that information to write a paper providing the required information about each source. Your paper should be at least 2 pages in Word format (not including the title page and references page). Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

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