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Allport and Cattell believed that we are all born with five innate core personality traits:  Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism.  How do these factor in with behavior, especially since Watson, Bandura, and the other behaviorists believed that all behavior is learned?


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The behavior of a person is influenced largely by the social, economic and political environment which he/she is operating in. Behavior is something that is determined by the environmental factors. This means that the environmental factors are controlling these behaviors.

Many researchers have in the past concluded and proved that the behaviors and performance of human beings are always being influenced by the organizational, cultural, environmental as well as the regulatory factors.

Personality is one of the behavioral characteristics which are development as a result of certain behaviors as well as the attitudes which makes an individual distinctive. Personality development, therefore, occurs through the continuous interaction of the character, temperament, and the environment.

This is what makes an individual to be a strange guy. This can be seen as soon as the person is born. Temperament means the traits which are genetically determined. Science has proved that there no genes which specify the personal traits, however, there are some who do control the nerves which control behavior.

The character is a unyielding component of personality. These refer to emotional and behavioral patterns which are learned from the individual experience which determines the thinking, the feeling, as well as the individual’s behaviors. Always, a single character always continues to improve throughout someone’s life.

The Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection portrays two very important behavioral characteristics which make a man higher than any other animal. These two behaviors are adaptability and the thinking capacity. Human beings tend to be more adaptable to their environments. However much new it might be, than other animals. Human beings due to their thinking ability and adaptability to changing environment are more inclined to change their behavior in response to the new environment so as to survive.


Paul, K (2015) Self-management and behavior change: from theory to practice

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection


2nd   discussion  The response should be one or two lines and you can ask a question. 



In some ways I do think behavior is due to environmental factors because we act certain ways due to the environment we are put in. one example is if you grow  up in a bad neighborhood with gangs, drugs and violence you intend to join the crowd, although if you grow up in a good home with parents that support you then you have less of a chance then doing drugs or committing crimes, it’s still up to you if you want to fall into the bad behaviors but it doesn’t help when everyone around you is doing drugs or being a criminal , the pure pressure usually takes over.  Also if you have good culture meaning that you follow a tradition and have good beliefs go to church and go to a good school with people around you that show they care then will want to good as well.  when kids are growing up they need a lot of love and attention because kids have temper tantrums and they don’t get what they want and if there is no one around them to show them love and affection then they will most likely continue the bad behavior.

one behavioral characteristic is someone  who follows others like role models or leaders of our nation then they usually become leaders as well, because they will see how good  or bad  the leader they are following is doing and they will tend to act the same way. There is another characteristic where people follow group action meaning you tend to do what ever it takes to get in to that group you want to be in. For example if your in collage and you want to be in a fraternity you will do what ever they tell you to do even if it’s something bad or wrong to please the leader so you will gen in the club.

According to Darwin’s principle of natural selection an example of structural behavior is something your born with like the fur on a beer or how lions are the king of the jungle they will usually tend to be leaders and hunt and provide for there younger peers and the cycle stays the same.   

Another example is people with large family’s with a lot of support around them and do some kind of fitness they will usually survive and reproduce better, meaning you keep following the same behavior and it will turn into a cycle as well.

3rd   discussion  The response should be one or two lines and you can ask a question. 




Behavior can be influenced by nature and nurture (Johnston,1987: Rutter,1997). The two work together to help create our intelligence, and it helps to make us who we are. One behavioral characteristic is that of our mannerisms, this involves how you were raised by your parents, and how you are respectful of others.This type of experience can actually be based on both nature and nurture, because even though you are raised by your parents, some outside influences can change your behavior to not being respectful at all. For example, the birth of a newborn baby can be affected by the stress it endured while in the womb may cause problems.

These problems can include that of temperament which causes certain emotional traits, and these traits could be considered heredity, because the child was still in the womb. Children learn from their parents, and also they are influenced by their environment. Children learn to be respectful by what they are taught in their home, in school, and in church. Respect is taught and is a part of our mannerisms, and children being able to see the right reaction to certain situations help them to know what it is to respect someone.

In behavioral characteristics, one advantage that human beings have a larger brain than animals, and this helps us to comprehend complex things such as, learning to speak, learning numbers, how to social with others, and we have freewill. As human beings, we have emotions that control our everyday lives.The things that we learn as human beings, is how we learn to adapt to our environment.The brains that animals have are  not as large as those of human beings, and animals only learn what is necessary to survive, that is the survival instinct.

As human beings, we have the advantage of how to use our intelligence in general. We have the ability to choose our mates, and this helps us to produce children who will carry on the family traits. Some children born will have higher IQ’s than others, and some will have different structural builds, some being muscular, others thinner, and even others who are heavier in weight. The family trait is what determines how the child produced will be, this involves eye color, height, weight, etc. Different behaviors and temperaments occur, and it’s all part of heredity. 

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