Team Plan


This week we are to design 3 charts/graphs that indicate life expectancy, infant mortality, and subjective well-being. The data we need to collect to create these graphs are:

·       Each team members state

·       The rates per state for infant mortality, life expectancy, and subjective well-being

·       Each team members cultural ethnicity

·       Each team members sex


Then we are to write a summary to discuss our analysis of our charts, including what might be the contributing factors for what results where.


Discuss reasons why – 350 words – My Part ( Look at the attached Charts and write the analysis)

Provide an analysis to what factors may be responsible for the findings we might find (like high mortality rates amongst a certain race, or subjective well-being has shown up in higher in whites over other ethnic groups in many studies due to generally higher socioeconomic class (provide reference).

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