Obedience to Authority

Obedience to Authority

Based on Stanley’s Milgram’s Behavior Study of Obedience, 1963, discuss two current (within in the last 10-15 years) researches on obedience  Will most individuals tend to conform to authority? Why or why not? Does current research support or refute Milgram’s findings? Explain.

The instructions for the paper mention “conforming to authority,” and I just want to point out that conformity and obedience are two distinct concepts. Conformity refers to the influence of the group on individual behavior, while obedience refers to the influence of authority on subordinates’ behavior. Conformity does not imply the involvement of authority figures, while obedience does. Because this paper focuses on Milgram and obedience, please focus your attention on obedience, not conformity.

Please DO NOT use Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experiment

When describing the studies and the authors’ conclusions, be sure to address any limitations you saw in the studies. Limitations in the research can affect the conclusions drawn, so it’s important to at least mention the limitations in respect to the conclusions.

500 words

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