psy 340 wk 2 nueral plasticity

Prepare  a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that explains the functions and limitations of neural plasticity in the participant’s recovery process.


Subject is on Robert has experienced a traumatic brain injury.

 ESSAY – My part is everything not in yellow

·         Introduction: (what type of injury are we providing education too (facts about the brain)/ what is neural plasticity)




·         Functions of neural plasticity:   (Jon)

o    What can be expected

o    How treatment can be encouraged/different types of treatment

§  Exercise

§  Drugs-n

 Do not do part in yellow

·         Limitations of neural plasticity:

o    Impairments

o    Causes and effects of brain damage on neurons

§  Some things may not be the same-expound

·         Way to overcome limitations (if applicable



·         Conclusion: 

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