psyc 345

“From My Friend, Ro Vargo” Paper Instructions

Read the chapter “From My Friend, Ro Vargo,” the story of one family’s inclusive school experience. Then, in a 6–10-page applied research paper, address the following:

       I.            Theory: How is this story consistent or inconsistent with the textbook discussion regarding risk and resilience? Developmental pathways? A specific theoretical framework (e.g., sociocultural, family systems, physiological, etc.)? How might it relate to developmental outcomes?

a.       Clearly define your theoretical approach.

b.      Discuss examples from the story that are consistent/inconsistent with the theory.

c.       Describe potential implications for developmental outcomes (e.g., optimal versus adequate adaptation).

    II.            Full inclusion research: Find 4–5 peer-reviewed journal articles (1995–present publication dates) addressing the pros/cons of full inclusion. Discuss what is known about full inclusion and how this story fits within that body of literature.

a.       Summarize the studies. 

b.      Discuss the advantages and challenges associated with full inclusion.

c.       Integrate examples from the story of Ro that illustrate principles highlighted in the research.

  III.            Biblical integration: What does the Bible suggest regarding full inclusion?

a.       Discuss relevant passages related to full inclusion and individuals with disabilities.

b.      Construct a rationale for full inclusion from a biblical perspective.

c.       Be sure to avoid proof-texting verses.

  IV.            Writing:

a.       Use current APA Style (title page, running head, headers, in-text citations, reference page).

b.      Incorporate the following sources: 4–5 peer-reviewed journal articles, the textbook, and the Bible.

c.       Use proper grammar and spelling.

d.      Limit your use of direct quotes (no more than 1–2 in the paper).

A LINK TO THE ARTICLE IS BELOW[email protected],-Ro-Vargo.aspx


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